Buy MDPE water supply pipes online at BP Plastics. Our pipes and fittings are all competitively priced and available for next day delivery. Blue MDPE water supply pipe is used for connections between the distribution mains to individual properties and for above ground services if the pipes are installed...
Grey water is all the water used in your RV, except what goes to flush the toilet. That water is called black water. The water used for everything else — showering, cooking, washing dishes and all other water-related activities — goes into the grey water tank.
The pipe measures at about 27mm in diameter. ... NEW DESIGN. 95 Litre Grey Water Tank with Fittings, Brackets and Stone Shield. $ 250.00 $ 235.00.
Note that the small 1/2" distribution pipes occasionally clogged up. 1" or larger pipes would have performed better. Kitchen sink graywater enters interceptor through pipe on left, then exits through pipe on right, leaving grease and solids behind.