Mounted under the vehicle, a double-acting hydraulic cylinder — supplied from a compact Oildyne power unit with reversible locking circuitry — generates over 4000 lb of force while an independent, patented cable-and-pulley arrangement keeps the room aligned during movement.
For RV appliances to operate properly, and safely the operating pressure should be 10 ½ to 11 inches of water column. On an RV the LP gas pressure is regulated by a two stage regulator. The job of the first stage is to regulate the vapor pressure coming out of the container, which can be as high as 250 psi, down to 10 psi or less.
Lippert 38 Inch Hydraulic Cylinder 123603. Also known under part number: 014-123603 and new Lippert number 342328. IN-STOCK. Color: Gray. 38" Stroke. 1.5" Bore
Viking Cylinders have a wider base than traditional steel cylinders. So most existing RV mounts are too narrow to properly support our cylinders. This mount has been designed to replace your existing mount. Simply remove your existing mount and bolt in this one in place. Note, this mount is designed to hold 2 cylinders.