May 27, 2019 · Northwestern won't rescind job offer to Steven Thrasher over anti-Semitism allegations. Speech praised BDS, called Israel 'apartheid state'
About an hour later, the department head rescinded Ms. Purcell’s job offer, explaining that Brown & Brown needed someone who could take on the position immediately and for the long term. At no time did Ms. Purcell request extended leave.
Woman Says Her Job Offer at MoMA PS1 Was Rescinded After She Had a Baby. ... she chose not to mention her pregnancy at the advice of friends who had also job hunted while pregnant. (Pregnant women ...
Feb 24, 2016 · Can an employer rescind a job offer due to finding a better candidate? Assuming the employee was offered a job, in writing (quick email) and verbally, and had not yet failed to complete, bona fide, any paperwork, conditions of employment, etc.