Unit 1 - Environmental Science and Law Unit 2 - Ecosystems Unit 3 - Nutrient Cycles, Biomes, and Climate Unit 4 - Toxicology Unit 5 - Population Unit 6 - Energy Large Energy Articles Small Energy Articles Unit 7 - Water Unit 8 - Soil Unit 9 - Air AP Exam Review Biodiversity
APES Unit 2 Test Review 1. APES Unit 2 Test Review Made by Jordan Randles 2. Bellringer ReviewThe most abundant element in theatmosphere is NitrogenPhotosynthesis is when plants absorb light togain energyEnergy cannot be lost but is converted toheatThe Ozone Hole does not increase surfacetemperature because it has UV rays, and UVrays do not produce heat
Georgia Standard SES1. Students will investigate the composition and formation of Earth systems, including the Earths relationship to the solar system
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